The 4 Components of CLIMADA

CLIMADA offers a systematic, flexible and transparent approach, which is based on four components:


CLIMADA is able to provide projections and simulations of hazards, incorporating historical damages and remote sensing data to produce hazard maps.

People & Assets

CLIMADA identifies the geographical distribution and monetary value of different assets: persons, housing, public infrastructure and ecosystems, among others, which can be clustered by sectors.

Damage functions

CLIMADA estimates damage functions, capturing the relationship between the intensity of an event and its economic consequences on key assets (i.e. people, buildings, public infrastructure, etc.).

Adaptation measures

CLIMADA recommends different adaptation measures, based on cost-benefit criteria and ranks them by efficiency. CLIMADA can cross-reference existing and planned adaptation measures, with the recommended adaptation measures, analysing construction and maintenance costs, location and effects on key assets.