ECA Projects

Around the world multiple ECA studies are being implemented by a variety of organizations. Each with different foci at carrying scales, targeting different hazards and assets. As institutional settings and the data environments vary around the world each study faces different challenges. This overview provides you a first glance at the wide array in which ECA studies can be conducted based on their key parameters such as the time horizon, geographical scale, observed hazards and assets.

El Salvador
Urban Flood Risk in San Salvador Metropolitan Area
The capital city of El Salvador, San Salvador experiences a high rate of urbanization putting increasing pressure on ecological and environmental systems limiting potential areas to grow for the city, e.g. the areas around the Acelhuate River.
Urban Flood Risk in Lishui City
Lishui City in the in the southwest of Zhejing province faces severe riverine flooding.
Flood Risk in Industrial Zones
A large number of industrial zones are located in vulnerable areas which poses long-term risks to their economic...
Central Viet Nam is characterized by rapid urbanization, particularly in small and medium-sized coastal cities. At the same...
Climate Risk in the Renewable Energy Sector
As a small island developing state, Barbados is affected by climate change impacts, particularly severe weather events.